George Kokorelis



Cecelia D. 4/15 – “I am glad my sister found your office at the time when my family need a lawyer to defend us.  That weekend when no lawyer was available and the wait for return calls was just unbearable, George Kokorelis got on the phone and talked to us without delay!  We will be forever thankful for representing my family and accepting to defend us in this case.  Thank you so much for your professionalism that you and your paralegal has shown us.  Thank you and we highly recommend you !”


Deana B.  4/15 – “Thank u thank u thank u that’s all I can say u are amazing :)”

Ann J.  4/15 – “Wonderful.  Thank you for handling my case. You and Carol are very professional yet very kind. I appreciate all that you have done   Best $950 I ever spent!”.

Joseph H. 3/13 – “George Kokorelis has been a blessing to me during my divorce.  He was recommended to me by a former client who was greatly satisfied with his services.  Over the past 2 1/2 years, Mr. Kokorelis has successfully assisted me during my divorce.  He is  always available for questions and ready to assist where he can.  I really  appreciate the time and effort that Mr. Kokorelis has put into my divorce, which has allowed me to move on with my life.  Thank you so much Mr. Kokorelis.

Ruta S. 5/12 – “I would highly recommend legal services provided by Mr. Kokorelis. He handled my case very efficiently. All my phone calls and e-mails were returned within 5-10 minutes. Mr. Kokorelis had a very professional yet somehow warm and personal approach towards me as his client which made me feel  very comfortable and confident that my case is handled by a very skilled and  knowledgable attorney. Yet the fees were very affordable. ”

Nina C. 9/2011 – You helped me through a very hard and emotional decision that I had to make.  You facilitated and helped me obtain my divorce with such ease that to this day I can’t thank you enough.  You saw me as an individual and worked with my circumstances  and  made the payment options so affordable.  I will always remember the kind and supportive staff and I will recommend your services to anyone I come in contact with.  Thanks so much for all that you’ve done.

Gineen H. 9/2011 – “I have been searching for an attorney that was not going to take advantage of me. Mr. Kokorelis was honest and up front, he did not make me feel like he was just about taking the money and running, he explained everthing that he and his secretary was doing and even made sure I was comfortable with decision that was made. I appreciate them both and thankful I had such a easy person to deal with.”

Suziann B. 10/2011 – Mr Kokorelis- Thank you so much for helping me get through the worst year I ever had. Your concern for me as a person was to make sure I was in good hands. Thank you for your understanding and getting me what I needed to start a new chapter in my life. I would recommend everybody about you because you really care about your clients. I will be forever grateful for your kindness shown through out my case.


Tasha P. 4/2013 – I few months back I got into some legal traffic trouble on a driving on  suspended 4th offense. I was extremely scared because I face the minimum of 10  or more days mandatory jail time and a possible suspended license. I hired George  Kokorelis and he went in and fought for me. He kept in contact, was very
professional, he worked with me and won my case i was able to keep my license with no jail time & I’m 100% happy I hired George.  I’d refer him to each  and every person in any kind of legal trouble. Thank you George
Jennifer G. 4/2013 – I received 2  traffic citations in the same month and was very scared of what the outcome could be; I always jump to the worst possible outcome. Mr. Kokorelis assured me
the end results would not be anything like I feared; Of course, he was right. I am glad I hired someone as skilled, seasoned, and professional as Mr. Kokorelis.  I became comfortable with the court process and was not intimidated when my day  in court arrived. Choosing Mr. Kokorelis to represent me, certainly was the best
decision I ever made.


Wayne M. 9/2011 – George Kokorelis is a very reliable lawyer.  He handled my corporate business needs in a very professional manner.  Thank you.  A fine lawyer!


Elmira W. 12/11 – Attorney Kokorelis was accurate and prompt when it came to my case.  I am truly pleased with the professional and caring services provided by his office.  I will refer any friend in need of an attorney to his office.